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The Craigie Community Sports Hub is a recently constituted Community Group which is made up of 2 Football Teams and a local Boxing Club. The Community Sports Hub is primarily based in the East side of Dundee and has good community engagement within the Huntly Square and Mid Craigie areas of Dundee.

Football Clubs

The group are comprised of 2 well established Football Clubs in the Craigie area, 1 is Dundee United Sports Club who has boys and girl’s football teams from under 9 age bracket to under 19’s. The club have also recently established a 4 v 4 football centre in line with the new Scottish Football Association’s Player Pathway. The other Football team involved within the hub are Morgan Academy FP Amateur Football Team. They have a strong link with the local community and have recently refurbished 2 local shops into a changing rooms and a local facility for socialising and meetings.

Tennis Club

Craigmuir tennis club has joined CCSH and is a long-running club with a number of teams. Craigmuir was formed in 1998 as a result of a merger between Craigielea and Stobsmuir Tennis Clubs. The club is located in the original Craigielea grounds in Dalkeith Road in Dundee.

Boxing Club

The final club involved within the existing Hub structure in Discovery Boxing Club, again a local club who have strong ties in with the community. The boxing club has been in existence for over 15 years now and many of the children and young people regularly attend for sporting activities and keep fit classes.

Community Space

The Hub committee are now looking at attaining planning permission and funding to extend the current Hub pavilion into a larger space by leasing another 2 local derelict shops and developing them into a community space. The new community space would involve another 2 changing rooms and a small games hall for indoor sports and regular community Zumba and Yoga programmes.

Huntly Residents Group

The Hub also has informal ties with a local residents group situated in Huntly Square. The residents group is mainly for sheltered housing residents and the committee is working hard to formalise this link so the residents group can also benefit from the developed facilities.

Hub Committee

The current clubs within the Hub committee are all based within the Mid Craigie and Huntly area of Dundee the majority of developments are around the Huntly community facility and also the MoneymuskPark area. There is also room to investigate the potential of extending the Hub’s developments and Partnerships into local high school Craigie High and potentially into Dundee College Gardyne Road Campus.

New Clubs/Groups

Craigie CSH are always on the look-out for new affiliate members within the Craigie area in Dundee. Please contact us if you are a member of a club or group who in Dundee who would be interested in becoming an affiliate member of Craigie CSH.